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about us

At Kool Werk, you pick the vibe that suits you best. What do we mean? Oh well, we are not standard. Each spot has it's own identity and style, it's own vibe. 

If you are looking for an intimate office style desk that has a more professional style, or you wish to feel wonderful at work together with your friends , it's all

your choice. 

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what you'll love 


Here is a list with top 7 things that you will


and benefit from at our beautiful coworking space in Brasov

Large desk in Brasov coworking space

1.being productive

A place that inspires you
to be productive

The most important thing when you are working is that you must enter in that creative loop. You know that moment when you take a look in the room and suddenly you have a burst for work? We know that the work space must be a source of inspiration and we made this possible for you!

2.The environment

The desire to work starts in a great environment

We all want to feel comfortable and relaxed, so we considered every detail to create the ideal work space. Our coworking space has the vibe of the old city, with tall rooms and plenty of light, spacious desks, comfortable seats and beautiful design elements to delight our coworkers. 

Dowtown coworking space environment in Brasov
Coworkers meeting in a nice hub in Brasov

3.the nice people

My friends are also your friends

Our mornings start with nice greetings, hot drinks and smiles. The deadlines are a piece of cake as you take your seat. We value the time spent with each other so we are aware that being connected and sharing new experiences are the best part of working together.


In Romania we need long and frequent breaks... 

If you want to take a break, you can take a walk in Piata Sfatului for the great cityscapes, or you can enjoy the nature at Dupa Ziduri or Sub Tampa. Then you can eat something yummy at the restaurants around, take a few pictures, and then maybe get back for more work? Sounds good?

Brasov Piata Sfatului
Amenities from Kool Werk

5.The goodies

Something to delight
you every day

Coffee is our best remedy, so we make sure that it has great flavors. The fruit basket is the best choice for a fresh start. And we have plenty of snacks for a little boost at work. A well deserved break works well with our tea varieties, cookies, chocolate and oh... don't forget to drink water.


We provide the value that you need

Flexibility defines our coworking space at its core values. That's why we created plans that will help you manage your schedule the way you want. We have monthly plans or you can book a seat for a day, full time or part time. And there is also the 5 days pack. All these can be booked online with a few clicks. 

Relaxing area from a coworking space in Brasov
Coworking space kitchen area

7.the Kitchen

Hot drinks, hot topics & more

From making yourself a choice of hot drink while bumping into another coworker, this is our fully equipped kitchen where you can also enjoy the community lunch. Our kitchen is as much as a meeting point as it is as a snack and drink outlet.  

And there is much more

to mention.


Join us to find out the full benefits from Kool Werk.

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